Friday, January 27, 2012

Mew Berry Taking Mew Ichigo's Place?

I've seen a lot of comments about this before and thought I'd bring it up here. Apparently, some people think Berry takes Ichigo's place in the A La Mode. I've never read the mangas with Berry in them before, but this is an interesting question. Some people dislike Berry for this particular reason. But is that really a reason to dislike her? When I get a chance to read the mangas with Berry in them, I can decide, but for now, I want to hear your opinion. Is Berry really taking Mew Ichigo's place?
Note: Most of the comments that I've heard about this came from Youtube.


  1. I've never read it, but from what I've read on Wikipedia, Ichigo loses her Mew Mew powers and goes with Aoyama to study abroad and so Berry takes her place. But then Ichigo gets her powers back and she comes back... I think. :P IDK I need to read it.

    1. Actually, since Ichigo goes to europe with Maysaya so when berry comes she takes her place until the end of the first book when she comes back and has her powers back thanks to Maysya's mew aqua. they then share the title and everyone celebrates her coming back just in time to save them.

    2. Okay, so then I guess you could say Berry is a temporary replacement. Now I really can't wait to read those mangas!

      Btw,thx for commenting.:)

  2. Yeah. Those were just wacko fans who didn't like change. They also didn't like the fact that Berry got a lot of attention in A la Mode but there wasn't much choice due to Mia Ikumi only being allowed to do 2 volumes. She originally intended to not only add Berry but expand on the other characters as well. But her editors decided against it.
    I can understand a little disappointment but there are some weird fans who flat-out lie about Berry. Some even tried to tell me that Ichigo lost her powers because she gave them to Berry, which was not true if they actually paid attention to volume 7 of the manga (most of her powers were used to save Aoyama).
    They also claimed that she was made more powerful than all of the other Mew Mews. Again, not true. She only won 1 fight on her own and that was when she first transformed. Other times, she needed help XD.