Thursday, February 16, 2012

Would TMM (Or MMP) Be Sucessfull Again?

Lets say a tv network such as nickelodeon decided to dub TMM and air it in the U.S. Now, of coarse this would be great news to all of us TMM fans, but would it be successful? As many of us mew mew fans already know, 4kids had dubbed this series and aired 23 of the 52 episodes on their netwok. They edited scens and changed the music around. In my perspective, they kind of ruined the anime. But thats just me. If this show were to air again, would it really be popular, considereing it had already been dubbed and stopped airing years ago? Well, I think it would be successful If another network decided to dub this series. They probably would air all the episodes (not just 23) and not cut out as many scenes. Whats your opinion?

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  1. I think it has the possibility to be successful. While during it's 4Kids days it wasn't necessarily a HIT, it still did fairly well for a 4Kids show. The only reason they stopped making it was because they lost the rights, so if they had been able to keep the rights then they probably would have finished it and people would've liked it. ;)