Sunday, September 9, 2012

1 Year For Me, 10 For Everyone Else

Today is a historical day. (Just kidding)
But, it feels like that to me because 1 year ago is when I found out about Tokyo Mew Mew. I can't beleive it's been a year already! It seems like just yesteray I watched my frist anime. (TMM was my first anime.)
It didn't take long for me to start loving the show. By episode 3, I was hooked.
After that, I started collecting TMM metchandise, reading the manga, and getting my brother to watch all the episodes over with me. Then I made this blog! (It's not the 1 year anniversary yet though, that comes much later.)
And then, when I saw what today was, I realized that Tokyo mew Mew is 10 years old! Wow! It started airing in Japan in April 2002, and now it's September 2012.
Here's a video the Hika Yagami made for Tokyo Mew Mew's tenth anniversary: Enjoy, Nya!

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  1. Wow, cool!

    I started watching it like... 4 years ago, I think? Probably a little less. My sister normally hates everything I like, but one time she got hooked on the episodes and she couldn't stop watching, lol. She probably still remembers the ending song... and I still occasionally bring up the "THIS IS A PEN!" joke, haha.

    Good times, good times...