Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kisshu or Quiche?

So, we all know the Kish from Tokyo Mew Mew right? Well, turns out that his name isn't Kisshu or Kish, it's Quiche. (Like the dessert.) If you type his Japanese name in Japanese characters to google, you'll see, edible quiches.
And it would fit in witht the whole ''food'' theme afterall. Pai= Pie, Tartuto= Tart, Kish=Quiche. It looks like the subs were wrong. (And the mangas) Sigh. It's going to take me time to remember how to spell his nane the correct way. What about you guys? Did you already know, or are you going to have to adjust?


  1. I already knew, but I still like to call him Kish because that's what the manga calls him. Honestly, the first time I saw someone (Hika) call him Quiche I couldn't pronounce it. :D (don't judge me, that was years ago!) Then I realized it was the food and blah blah blah... :P

  2. i already knew this when i first read it Zakuro means pomegranate and Ichigo is strawberry. if you did not know. the names are soooo cute don't you think, pluss they match the mews outfits.

  3. All of the aliens are named after pastry dishes (except Deep Blue), like Gateau du Roi from the PS Game. His name means "King Cake" in French. (Type it down on the google image search and just by looking at the cake, you'll figure out why they made him look so flamboyant XD).
    The only two dubs that say and spell Quiche's correctly are the Thai and 2nd European Portuguese dubs.

    I understand that the manga most likely did it so people would know how to pronounce his name but I find it weird that they (and some dubs for that matter) would give it that spelling but keep Pie and Tart.