Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mew Mew ''Glamour Bag Dolls'' Plus Cafe Mint Doll

As always when I find new images of TMM dolls form the Italian collection I share them with you guys here. So, I wasn't sure what to call the first three since they didn't have an offcial name, but they are all dressed really nicely and they come with pretty bags.
The last Mint doll is on from the Cafe Mew Mew set collection, as I have already posted dolls from that collection awhile back.
So what do you guys think of the dolls? I really love the Ichigo one! <3


  1. Oh, so cute <3~ I love them..

  2. They're very cute, I would love to have one of the bags. Even though many people would not know what it is from, lol. Though what I don't understand is why Mint isn't dressed in her Cafe outfit, but in a more outgoing type outfit. And I don't recall the outfit Pudding is wearing, but it's very cute and sporty. The other two seem sorta familiar.


    1. The Italian dolls have 3 different types. Cafe uniforms, Mew Mew outfits and casual outfits.