Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fanfic Review: You Decide!

Hey guys!

So, the whole reviewing TMM fanfic things that I started went well, until the end. The story, Kiss of a Strawberry, started as an IchigoxQuiche strory, which I found cute in some ways, and others, not so much. (Like the Masaya bashing.)

I don't really take sides as a MasayaXIchigo supporter, or a  QuicheXIchigo supporter, but I like to see what other fans think of the couples, so I went in a Quiche and Ichigo direction.

Lately, Kiss of a Strawberry hasn't been getting updated, so I was thinking it was time to start reviewing for a different TMM fanfic. And this time you guys get to decide which one we review! The first few people that comment about what story they want to review here, will get the oppritunity to have published here weekly.

I'm open to all suggestions! :)


  1. There's a cool TMM fanfic called Alien Uprising by Soccor-Geek (also on FanFiction.Net) that's updated pretty fast and already has 15 chapters.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to go look at it right now!