Monday, August 13, 2012

Tokyo Mew Mew Special Keychain Set!

I was browsing photos on the internet, and I cam across this one from a Flickr Page.  It looks like a really nice set, although I am not sure from which collection it came from. The positions of the Mew Mews look different from the ones I've seen before, and this set came with no Ichigo.

However, if you look really closely on the rope up above you'll see a the name 'Nakayosi' (better known as nakayoshi) and that is the name of the magazine in which Tokyo Mew Mew was first published in. Which brings me to a conclusion, that this keychain set, was a gift that came with one of the issues of the magazine. You can see a larger photo of the image here:

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  1. Yep, it was extra with the magazine. The one with Ichigo came separately.