Friday, April 12, 2013

4Kids Dub...Would you take this chance?

These questions have been pondering my mind lately about the 4Kids dub Mew Mew Power...Most Tokyo Mew Mew fans hate what 4 Kids did to the show. And I have to say, I can't blame them. But others liked Mew Mew Power for what it was. Sure, it was no Tokyo Mew Mew, but it was a decent cartoon. (That's what got me into watching TMM anyway.) But what about if you wanted to get your friend into Tokyo Mew Mew?
Let's say your friend has no idea anime even exists. You want to get them into it and decide to start them off by bringing them into the world of Mew Mew. But which version would you start them off with; Tokyo Mew Mew or Mew Mew Power. The answer may seem obvious to some, but what if your friend doesn't like to read subtitles? Or maybe they'd want to watch the show in English first and see how they like it?  Well, here's my opinion:

Start your friend off with Tokyo Mew Mew if...
-They already know what anime is and they watch it a lot.
-They hate dubs and prefer subs.
-They've aready seen what 4 Kids does to it's shows.

Start your friend off on Mew Mew Power if...
-They don't like to read subs, or watch cartoons in different languages
-You want them to get a feel for what anime looks like
-Your friend insists they watch it in English first to see if they like it.

Also, lets not forget that 4 Kids did not dub the whole series, so even if your friend really enjoyed the English dub, they would have to convert to finish the anime. And also, if you trully want to get your friend into anime, get them used to the Japanese voices with English subs. So..

What would you do? Watch Tokyo Mew Mew with English subs with your friend or go for the shorter version of TMM (Mew Mew Power) to try and get them hooked?

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