Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Will Tokyo Mew Mew Ever Make A Comeback?

 Hey guys! So here we are: One of my very raer discussion posts! It's to try to help bring this blog back to life, so I hope at least one person reads and comments on this!

Tokyo Mew Mew: Will it ever come back to television? Would it thrive if it were to ever be aired again?

Let's look at the facts:
-Tokyo Mew Mew is an older anime. (It's tenth anniversary already passed.)
-It wasn't as popular as some of the other big animes. (Sailor Moon anyone?)
-However, it did get national attenton, getting dubbed in many different languages.
-It aired in America under Mew Mew Power, making it somewhat known here in the US.
-Many fans continue to promote and support it today. (My site, Hika Yagami's sites, etc.)
-Sequals and extras were made after the main story line, including Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode, and some video games.
-Berry and Ringo were additional Mew Mews that never made it to television, but were known in the mangas and video games.
- No one has picked up a licence on it yet for it to continue to air here in the US.

Do you guys remember the post I had a little over a year ago, having to do with picking out the next network to air Tokyo Mew Mew? Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network stood out as being the two networks most likely to air it. But is that really the case? What's your opinion?

In my opinion, there is still a small chance Tokyo Mew Mew could come back and re-air here in the US. But we do have that Sailor Moon rival...

After Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary passed, it was announced that something similar to Sailor Moon (using some of the original VA's) would air world wide, starting in Japan this summer. I was kind of hoping something like that would hppen with Tokyo Mew Mew, but sadly, it did not. (Hey we still have the 15th and 20th anniversary to hope for, right?)

What do you guys think? Could Tokyo Mew Mew ever come back to television?

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