Monday, July 29, 2013

Hair Color VS. Personality (Part 1)

As promised, here is the post! ^^ It's going to be a long one, so I decided to break it up into parts. Anyway, I got an inspiration for this post when I visited
I was viewing some of her old posts when this topic caught my eye: And since the Mew Mews were on that page, I figured, why not? Let's see if their hair color matches their personality.

                                                                     Mew Ichigo:

 For anime characters with pink hair, these are some of the traits that Anne believes can be associated with them: Benevolent, feminine, youthful, innocent, cheerful, cute, orderly, accomplished, gullible, frustrated  

I've got to say, Ichigo fits most of these traits perfectly. She's definitely cheerful, cute, and innocent. She can be gullible sometimes, and definitely gets frustrated on periods of the show. I wouldn't use the word orderly to define her character though, but I suppose she's an accomplished person after saving the Earth all those times. And overall, she's a very benevolent person.

So I would say she fits most of these traits, but orderly and accomplished are the outliers here.

                                                                      Mew Mint:
Traits: Wise, impartial, talented, mature, intuitive, introverted, concerned with science, justice, reason

These traits more or less fit Mint. Her ballet dancing and heroic abilities could definitely put her under talented. Mint acts mature most of the time, but it can also rub of as a little bit pompous. She's good in social scenes, so she's definitely not introverted. I wouldn't describe her character as wise, impartial, or intuitive either. (Even though she can be these at times.) Justice? Well, that's obvious.  But concerned with science? No way!

Even though Mint only fit a few of these traits, it's still clear she has some traits most blue haired anime characters have.  

                                                                       Mew Lettuce:

Traits: Easy-going, trustworthy, docile, enlightened, tolerant, rejuvenating, of raw energy, roguish, imprudent, poisonous, jealous 

The first two that you can pick out that are immediately Lettuce include easy-going and trustworthy. When Lettuce in in a group, she can be very docile. Enlightened and tolerant can also be associated with Lettuce. However, the last five traits don't fit her at all. (They seem to be things you'd associate Quiche with.) Rejuvenating wouldn't be something to associate Lettuce with either, but sometimes she can prove that wrong. (Like the time when Lettuce saved Ryou from drowning.)

So Lettuce fit about half of the traits. Overall, Anne from hit the nail on the head with these traits. So a big thanks to her for being so observant. ^^
Part 2 will be coming soon!

What did you guys think of the post? Do you agree or disagree with mine and Anne's opinions?

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