Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hiatus Is Now OVER!

Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay.... I know what your all thinking: This blog is dead and I'm moving on! Me: Wait!!! Please don't go! I promise I'll never go on an unwarned hiatus again!!!


So,the last time I posted was in may. MAY. That's a really looooong time ago! (Well, actually it's only two months ago but it seems much longer.)

I know this blog wasn't really a hit from the start, but I want you guys to know that it's not dead. It's not dead, okay? I've recently been focusing my attention to my Winx Club blog, and kind of abandoned this one in the process. At first I was only going to abandon it for a week, but a week turned into a month, and a month turned into two months. But if you're reading this, you know I'm back. And I'm going to be back for good. How can I prove this to you? Well, I can't. But whether people comment on this post or not (or show some indication that they read it and still visit this blog) I will post something in a few days that I thought was really interesting about the Tokyo Mew Mew characters...(Hint: It's got something to with their hair.)

I really, really, hope I still have at least one reader that comes to this blog every now and then and will be reading my next post! One again, sorry for leaving you for so long! I hope you can forgive me. ^^


  1. I'm going to a convention in 2 weeks, if i find some mew mew stuff can i post it on here?

    1. Yes, of course! I'd love to see TMM stuff like that from my readers like you. :)