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Kiss Of A Strawberry Chapter 5

Oh whoah, I almost forgot about this story! As we know, this is  a QuicheXIchigo story, and in the last chap they went out on a date. So, the last time I read this was,er,aawhile ago, so I'll have to read this chap again to rerfesh my memory.

Written by Purfect Princess Girl

"Kisshu! Are we almost there yet? I can't see!" Ichigo cried to her green-haired companion. He was covering her eyes with his hands and was leading her to their destination. The ever-curious Ichigo was growing more and more anxious, "Ah! I can't wait any longer! Take your hands off my eyes, now!". Kisshu smirked and obediently let go, "Your wish is my command Koneko-chan."
Opening her eyes, Ichigo gasped at the sight presented before her. It was an amusement park, the Asakusa Hanayashiki park to be specific. "Oh my..." Ichigo uttered in awe as she gazed in wonder at the many rides and booths present. "Like it? I thought you might like it." Kisshu told his red-haired companion, who was completely in awe at seeing the long rollarcoaster behind the gate. While Ichigo was staring, Kisshu went behind her and whispered into her ear, "If you keep staring Ichigo, everyone will think you're scary." Ichigo jumped and scowled at him, "Eek! Okay okay! Let's go inside sheesh!".
Laughing, Kisshu followed Ichigo to the front gate, where a thin and lanky clerk was sitting at the booth, "Two admission tickets for Hanayashiki please, and two ride tickets for the rides." Ichigo told the clerk politely while he typed in the numbers, "Very well, that'll be 1900 yen please." Obediently, Ichigo pulled out the 1900 yen for the clerk, and in return he handed them the admission and the ride tickets. "Ready to go Kisshu?" she asked Kisshu, "When you are." he replied back with a grin.
The two made it through the gate, and into the vicinity of the park itself. Dozens of rides and shops caught their eyes, "Wow, this is so amazing. Where should we go first?" Ichigo pondered to Kisshu, "Pick what you want Ichigo." he shrugged to her. Ichigo nodded but thought to herself. What did she want to do? I mean, there were dozens of fascinating rides and over a ton of cool shops to go to. So many choices for such a park. "Um, let's about...that one!" Ichigo proclaimed, pointing her finger at the first ride she saw, "Oh, the rollarcoaster ride? Didn't think you were into that Ichigo-san." Kisshu said with clear amusement. Ichigo's eyes opened and low and behold, a huge rollarcoaster, the Kamikaze, caught her attention. "Well come on then, lets go on." Kisshu said grabbing Ichigo's wrist. "Hey wait a minute, I don't wanna go on, I change my mind! Please!" Ichigo pleaded to the alien, hoping that he would just forget about it.
"Sorry Kitten, you chose the rollarcoaster and we HAVE to go on, that's the rules." he teased to her in a playful tone. What rules? Ichigo thought to herself, clearly annoyed. They reached the line to the coaster, which was about twelve feet long surprisingly. While Kisshu waited patiently for the line to end, Ichigo was too preoccupied with trying to stop herself from shaking. Just calm down Ichigo, it's just a ride that's all. She said to herself for comfort, but it only made her shake more. "Koneko-chan, we're next in line." Kisshu said to her, making her freeze in fear. The attendant in front of her was getting impatient."Okay you two, there's only room for the two of you. So if you would please take your seats, we'll be starting right away."
Prompted by the attendant's sharp tone, Ichigo shook off her fear and hopped into the car with Kisshu. There, they were strapped down to their seats and buckled down with the handlebar on their laps. "Kisshu I change my mind. I want off now." Ichigo said to Kisshu with a shaky tone, "Sorry Koneko-chan, a rule is a rule." Kisshu said to her, wagging his finger to her like if she were a five year old. The countdown to the ride starting began.
"Ten, nine, eight, seven..."
"Oh no, this is the end of me." Ichigo uttered to herself.
"Six, five, four..."
"Goodbye cruel world." Ichigo whispered over and over.
"Three, two..." Ichigo braced herself as best as she could.
"One." The ride started, it's wheels rolling along the metal tracks. "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die..."
Ichigo repeated in her head over and over again. The ride was at first slow and smooth at first, going up with a steady pace. Ichigo calmed down a little bit during this.
But that didn't last long.
Because as soon as the coaster hit stopping point, it lunged forward and dropped several feet below on the tracks, "AHHHH!" Ichigo screamed as she was being pulled forward by the weight of gravity below. "WOOHOO!" Kisshu yelled out as he held his arms in the air, clearly enjoying himself. "OH DEAR GOD HELP ME HELP ME!" cried the helpless red-haired neko-girl. Already her ears and tail have popped out in the excitement, but no one on the ride seem to notice. The coaster rolled, twisted, and looped all across the track, making it's passengers bump all around in their seats, screaming with utter excitement.
At first, Ichigo was just scared on this ride. But as the ride continued to loop, twist, and drop, her anxiety turned into excitement. There was no longer fear, but adrenaline pumping in her blood. Her eyes watered up with each drop, the skin on her face jiggled and her skin bubbled with goosebumps. Ichigo's mind was filled with pure joy at this new thrilling experience, that she even held her arms in the air and copied Kisshu's pose. And he noticed, "HAVING FUN THERE KONEKO-CHAN?" Kisshu called to her out loud. Ichigo screamed out, "YES!" and continued with her fun.
After a full minute, the ride stopped and the passengers stepped off the coaster, thoroughly exhausted except for Ichigo, who was still bouncing up and down, "Oh my god, that was fun! Let's go on again!". Kisshu was about to reject from this, but Ichigo's big pleading chocolate eyes made him sigh, "Oh alright." he said, giving up. The red-haired girl pulled him into the ride line with more enthusiasm than a startled bunny rabbit.
The two went on the ride at least five more times, until Ichigo finally stopped when she noticed Kisshu getting noticeable headaches. After that, they calmed down a little and decided to explore the shops around the park. They did some shopping together, buying little trinkets such as a pair of strawberry earrings, a teddie-bear keychain, and even a lime green scarf for Kisshu. Reluctantly he put it on, and Ichigo couldn't help but note how freaking adorable he looked with it on. She pulled out her cellphone to take a few pictures, but he pouted to her, "Wait Ichigo, don't!" he complained to her, covering his face with his hands. "Aw come on Kisshu! Just one picture?" Ichigo pleaded with the best puppy-dog look she could do. Begrudgingly, Kisshu stood still while Ichigo giddly took the photos, embarrassed but not in a bad way.
It was nearly reaching 3:00 now. The alien and the neko-girl had long left the amusement park and were heading home. "Can't believe how long we've been out for so long." Ichigo said to Kisshu, "It seems like forever." Kisshu nodded in agreement and reached out for her hand, "Well I'm glad it's been good so far." he spoke to her, flashing a gentle smile to her. Up ahead of them, there was a shaved ice cart with a vendor making some cones. "Oh look at that Ichigo, want me to get you one?" he asked enthusiastic to Ichigo. "Ooh, that sounds yummy, sure thing!" Ichigo answered, looking hungrily at the flavors of shaved ice. Then she remembered something, "Oh my god, I completely forgot. I'm supposed to call my dad to confirm that I'd be home soon!" she gasped as she went to grab her pink cellphone. Flipping it open, she was upset to find that it was dead and out of battery. "Aw crap, what am I gonna do? I mean, I guess I could use a payphone but still..."
Ichigo scrambled through her purse to make sure she had enough cents to make a telephone call. Fortunately, she did and she hurriedly went over to the nearest payphone, right next to a building. Ichigo slipped the yen into the slot and dialed her home phone number. After about a minute of ringing, the phone picked up,
"Hello?" asked Shintaro into the phone.
"Papa it's me!" Ichigo said.
"Ichigo, oh thank heavens it's you. So are you going to be home by 4:00 as usual?" he asked his daughter.
"Mmhmm, I just wanted to call and make sure Papa, tell Mom I said 'Hi'!" Ichigo chirped as she hung up the phone before he could say goodbye. Suddenly, Ichigo was pulled roughly aside by an unknown force,
"Ah! What the...!" Ichigo stuttered as she looked up to her attacker. It was a grungy looking teenage male, appearing to be at least 18 or younger. "Well well well, who do we have here?" the male said as he scanned Ichigo up and down. "G-Get off of me, let me go!" Ichigo cried as she struggled to get out of the hoodlum's grasp, "Oh but you're too much fun as it is, isn't she boys?" he said, gesturing to the two guys behind him.
Just like him, the boys appeared to be in their teens, the right one being scrawny and thin, and the left one being as fat as a sumo wrestler. "She's pretty cute boss." said the scrawny guy, "Yeah baby, why don't you come hang with us?" jeered the fat guy as he tried to place his hand on Ichigo's face, but she reacted with disgust as she bit him hard on the hand. Immediately the fat guy pulled away, but the leader looked more aroused than ever, "A feisty one eh? I like that in a girl..." he said with leering eyes at Ichigo.
She wanted to just grab her Mew pendant and beat them all up, but the leader's grip was so strong that it prevented her from doing so. "H-Help!" Ichigo cried out as loud as she could, but she was immediately interrupted by a hand clamping her mouth shut, "Shut up! No one will hear you, you got that?" hissed the cruel teen. Ichigo's eyes watered up and she prayed for someone to save her.
And she got her wish.
"AHH!" cried one of the men, making all of the hoodlums turn around to see him being dangled from the air, by a slender muscular hand gripping his throat, "What the hell is going on here?" Kisshu demanded as he constricted the air from the teen's throat, almost killing him before flinging him to the ground. "ANSWER ME!" he shoated at the two remaining guys,
"Who the hell are you supposed to be, Elf-boy? Lost your way from the enchanted forest?" mocked the leader as he pulled out a switchblade, "Boss wait, y-you c-can't do that!" said the cowering lackey. "Just shut up will you? I'm about to teach this freak a lesson about interferring with my business." the leader spoke in a haughty tone.
Kisshu grinned deviously, "You're going to regret saying that, human." And on instinct, he swooped down and landed a punch right into the lackey's stomach, making him topple over and cough up blood. But that didn't stop there. Kisshu began to land about a hundred punches to the unfortunate teen, bruising up his face so much that he looked like a bleeding prune. Not quite finished yet, Kisshu turned his head over to the leader, who was quivering and cowering in a corner. Kisshu made his sai-swords materialize in his hands, and with a wide, cruel smile, he teleported over to him and poked the sword into his cheek,
"You seem to enjoy inflicting pain on innocent citizens," the alien said while sliding the blade around the frightened boy's face, "Now it's payback time." Kisshu simply stated coldly, before kicking the boy hard in the groin, making him go on his knees. With the sword firm in his grasp, Kisshu thrust its tip right into the flesh of the leader's exposed shoulder, making the boy scream out loud in agony. "Let me fill you in, boy," Kisshu hissed into his ear, "If you EVER, try to even think about harming either me or my Ichigo, I will make you regret that you were EVER born!"
Smiling in victory, Kisshu released the blade from his shoulder, and the boy ran away fleeing the scene. His attention turned to Ichigo now, who was shivering and kneeling down scared, "Kisshu...I-I..." Ichigo tried to say, but was hushed by a gentle finger to her lips, "Shh, it's okay Ichigo, those hooligans won't hurt you anymore I promise." Kisshu said in his most comforting tone. Ichigo instictively wrapped her arms around him, burying her face into his shoulder, "Y-You saved my life back there Kisshu. If you didn't show up, who knows what those boys might've-"
"-That's enough Ichigo. Let's not think about that anymore okay? Here look, I still have your shaved ice." Kisshu reached from behind his hands, with two full cups of flavored shaved ice. It looked kind of melted, but edible none-the-less. "Thank you Kisshu. You don't know how grateful I am." Ichigo said to him as she scooped the ice into her mouth hungrily. "Anything for you, Koneko-chan." he told her simply, as they both ate their shaved ices together in silence.
After that, they went home, with Kisshu dropping off Ichigo at her parents' house. "Thanks for the date by the way." Kisshu told her as she stepped inside the door, "Your welcome Kisshu, it was nice. We should do it again sometime." she said to him, before realizing what she just said. Kisshu smirked widely, "Okay then, how about next saturday then?". Ichigo blushed, but luckily for him she nodded, "Very well, I'll pick you up at 1:30 at my lunch break, see you soon." he called to her as he watched her close the door.
Leaning against the woodframe, Ichigo sighed and looked above her, "Wow, what a day."

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