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Kiss Of A Strawberry Chapter 6

This story is being updated more frequntly now, so I'll be posting the chapters more often. I'll also make the page for all the fan fics we've read. (Once we get a little further into this one.)
This chapter starts to show the feelings of the other Mew Mews instead of just Ichigo.

Written by PurfectPrincessGirl

Back at Café Mew Mew's, the girls were busy doing their usual business of waiting the tables. "Hello welcome to Café Mew Mew's, may I take your order ~nya?" Ichigo cheerfully asked her customers, which were two young highschool girls. "Sure, can we get two iced lemon pound cakes, a strawberry tartlette, and two chocolate malts?" replied one of the girls. Ichigo immediately scribbled down the order and gave a sunny smile, "Alrighty then! Two iced lemon pound cakes, a strawberry tartlette, and two chocolate malts coming right up!" and with a twirl she went over to the kitchen doors.
Keiichiro Akasaka was busy preparing all of the cakes and pastries for the customers, and Ryou Shirogane was cleaning up some dishes in the sink, "I got an order for two pound cakes, a tartlette, and two malts!" Ichigo exclaimed out loud, making Ryou drop a plate and causing it to shatter on the floor, "Gah! Damnit Ichigo, can't you keep your voice down for once?" Ryou shouted at Ichigo as he was picking up the broken pieces, "Well pardon me your majesty." Ichigo grumbled under her breath, hastily handing Keiichiro the order, "Thank you Ichigo, don't mind Ryou, he's just a little stressed out due it being happy-hour today." He told Ichigo sympathetically. Ichigo nodded and headed out the door before Ryou could scold her again. But he was usually like this, so she didn't mind.
So after getting out of the kitchen, Ichigo went back to waiting her usual tables. This went on for the next two and a half hours, until the customers started to slowly decline in number. "Phew, aren't happy hours so tiring?" Berry said while collecting herself. "Yeah, but there has to be someone around to keep these customers happy." Ichigo replied back. Berry leaned back into the wall and sighed deeply, "If only Tasuku was here right now, he would help us wait the tables, with his strong arms and swift legs…" she swooned to herself. Ichigo chuckled a little, she always found it so endearing to see the sweet romance between Tasuku and Berry. The kind of romance that she used to have, or more appropriately, wanted to have with Masaya-kun…
Outside of the Café, Tasuku was coming back from delivering his latest order, snapping off the roller-skates and taking off the empty pastry boxes from his backpack. "Oh boy, that was the longest order I had to deliver yet…" he groaned as he stretched his sore arms out into the air. In the past five years of working at Café Mew Mew's, he has grown into a muscular and lean young man, with shorter black hair but still with a big strand of hair sticking out. He stroked a hand through his hair and let it fall onto his stomach abs, "Oh well, I can't wait for lunch break to start soon, I am starving."
"So are we."
Tasuku jumped in surprise, turning around to see three Alien men standing in front of him, one tall, one short, and one of medium height. A cold sweat hit the back of Tasuku's neck, but he knew the Café Mew Mew code, never deny or question a guest's entrance. "U-Um, p-please come this way sir." Tasuku nervously replied as he motioned the guests into the front door. "I hope none of the girls throw a fit." He thought to himself.
Inside, Ichigo was just about finished with taking a customer's order, "A blueberry egg tart, a lemon cheesecake, and a vanilla shake coming right up!". With a bright smile she turned around to head to the kitchen, only to be stopped by a voice from the front of the room, "Excuse me miss, we would like to reserve a table.". Ichigo quickly spun around to reply back, but she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the guests.
"Kisshu?" she exclaimed out loud. Kisshu chuckled and stepped forward, it was then Ichigo noticed the two Alien men standing by his sides, "Hey Koneko-chan, how are you doing?" Kisshu asked politely. Ichigo was about to answer but she exclaimed back, "Nevermind that, just what are you doing here anyway?". Flipping some green strands of hair out of his face, Kisshu gave her a devious smirk, "Well Koneko-chan, I'm on my lunch break right now, and it IS Saturday today, so I thought I'd stop by and see my favorite Mew Mew." Ichigo blushed and turned her head away. Of all the places he had to show up, it was here at the Café Mew Mew's, while she was still at work in her maid uniform.
"I'm certain you remember my comrades from before. Boys, you both remember Ichigo don't you?" Kisshu spoke, gesturing his two companions to step forward. Now Ichigo had a good look at them. On the right, was a tall and muscular young man, with deep purple hair and eyes, looked to be at least twenty, and had stern looking features. She already knew who he was, "Good to see you again Pai." She said to him, and he reacted with a grunt and a short, "Yeah whatever." Ichigo brushed this coldness off and looked at the Alien on the left.
He was, well, a little bit more difficult to recognize. He looked to be in his early-mid teens, was slender and with a medium height, had light brown hair that framed his face, and had piercing bronze colored eyes. "Um, Kisshu, who is he again?" Ichigo asked in confusion. She could see the boy becoming very annoyed at that comment, and with clear frustration on his face, lashed out, "It's me, Tart, you idiot!". Ichigo was taken aback, but Kisshu gave his foster brother a cold stare and he calmed down, "Oh yeah, now I remember. Tart, it's good to see you too, my goodness, you look so different!" Ichigo exclaimed as she looked Tart up and down, completely in awe at seeing the now fully grown Tart Ikisatashi.
"Ichigo, what's going on here-?" Zakuro asked out of concern when she saw the three aliens standing at the entrance. All of the Mew Mew girls gasped in surprise at seeing their former rivals standing before them. "Kisshu?" Mint exclaimed. "Pai?" Lettuce gasped, "Taru-Taru!" Pudding shrieked as she quickly ran over to greet her long lost sweetheart, "Pudding?" Tart asked in surprise at seeing the now full-grown monkey girl, with her long blonde hair, widened hips, and bouncy breasts.
Then suddenly, she pounced on him and gave him the biggest hug in the world, "Oh I can't believe your back Taru-chan! It's been too long!" she chirped to him as she was constricting his air-supply. "I-I'm see…you…too!" Tart squeaked out as the air was being blocked from his breathing passage. Seeing this, Pudding immediately let go and gave him some space to breath, only to stop him in his tracks with a big kiss to his lips. Tart gasped and his eyes widened, completely caught off guard by Pudding's sudden affection, and it didn't help that her breasts were being pressed into his chest.
"Haha, I think I'll leave you too alone for now." Kisshu commented as he started to step away from the blushing Alien boy. "No! Wait! Don't leave me-!" Tart cried to him before he was brutally kissed and pounced on by the rabid monkey girl. "As we were saying before, we would like to reserve a table for three, if that's not too much trouble Ichigo." Kisshu told the red-haired waitress, "Oh um, of course Kisshu, right this way." Steadily, Ichigo gestured the Alien men to the table booth at the other end of the café, away from all the other guests. "Okay then, what would you like to order?" Ichigo asked them, "Well, these all look delicious, but I'll just have the creamy egg tart with a mint malt." Kisshu told her while looking through the delectable selection of treats and sweets. Pai's order was short and rushed, "I'll just have what he's having." He answered plainly.
"Okay then, two orders of creamy egg tarts and two mint malts," Ichigo chirped as she scribbled down the order. Just then, she was interrupted by a unkempt and kiss-mark ridden Tart, who groggily brushed past her and sat down next to Kisshu. "Um Tart, do you have an order ready?" Kisshu asked his dazed companion, "Ummm, how 'bout a banana split, hold the nuts." He slurred. Ichigo found this funny, but she stifled down a laugh and walked away as she finished the order. "Hey Ryou, I need two creamy egg tarts, two mint malts, and a banana split hold the nuts!" she called out to Ryou, then she heard another crash in the kitchen. "GAH! ICHIGO!" Ryou screamed as Ichigo ran away in fear.
30 minutes later (well actually 35 minutes, since the kitchen needed cleaning up after the whole dish mishap), the orders were brought to the alien men. Kisshu began to chow down on the tart, Pai merely fiddled with it, and Tart was slurping down the yummy ice-cream dessert. "So um, why ARE you here Kisshu? For real?" Ichigo asked him while he devoured the poor defenseless pastry. "Well if you're really that persistent I'll tell you. I'm here for our date." Kisshu said plainly. "Oh my gosh, I forgot about that! But Kisshu, I'm kind of in the middle of work, I can't just leave right now."
To her surprise, Kisshu merely chuckled and dabbed his chin with a napkin, "I know that Koneko-chan, we're having the date here." Ichigo gasped at this and began blushing, "What? B-But Kisshu..!" Ichigo stuttered, but Kisshu silenced her with a finger to her lips, "Hush sweetie-pie, it'll work out trust me. I meant AFTER all the other guests have left, THEN we can have our date." Ichigo sighed a breath of relief, "Okay fine, but the Café doesn't close until 4:30, are you sure your superiors at the base camp won't mind?" she asked him in concern. Pai cleared his throat and told her, "Don't worry about them, we're practically princes to them anyway, so they kind of bend to OUR will, if you know what I mean." Tart let out a devilish laugh, "Yeah, we could stay out until midnight and they wouldn't give it a second thought." Hearing this from the other side of the room, Pudding squealed in delight and, once again, pounced on the brown-haired alien,
"Yay! So that means I can have Taru-Taru all to myself! Yipee!" she cried as she practically glomped him all over again. The other aliens chuckled at this site and Ichigo and the Mew Mews joined in as well,
"I guess this really isn't such a bad idea after all…"

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