Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Only One Wish

That's the name of the book. And not only is it written by Mia Ikumi, but at the end of the book there's Tokyo Mew Mew extras! Here's the description from


It’s easy: Just send a text to a certain address and a dark angel will appear to grant you a wish–but only one! You can wish for your crush to fall in love with you, for revenge against those who have wronged you, or even for the dead to be brought back to life. But choose your wish carefully–sometimes a dream come true can be a nightmare!

Includes special extras after the story–including a bonus Tokyo Mew Mew short story!

It seems interesting-not as good as TMM though. But I am interested as to what those TMM extras are at the end of the story. You can buy it here:

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