Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fanfic: Kiss Of A Strawberry (Chap 1)

Alright guys, here is our first fanfic to read and review. I posted chapter 1, so we can reveiw a chapter at a time. It's called, Kiss of A Strawberry. It takes place 5 years after the Deep Blue was defeeated.
This was not written by me! It was written by PurfectPrincessGirl. She gets the credit fro writing this.

                                                                  Chapter 1

It was morning here at Tokyo, Japan, and one girl in particular was especially excited to be awake. It was none other than Ichigo of course, waking up with a cheery smile on her pretty face. At eighteen years old, Ichigo Momomiya, fresh out of high school, was meeting with her longtime boyfriend, Masaya Aoyama. Aoyama-kun, he was the ideal boyfriend of any girl's fantasy. Handsome, intellegent, and athletic, he was simply the perfect guy. And Ichigo felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be dating him, she made any girl in her direction envious when she was with him. And today was a day of much importance. It was the five year anniversary of when Deep Blue was defeated, and the earth was saved from destruction. If it weren't for Masaya that day, Ichigo wouldn't even be here.
Standing in front of her mirror, Ichigo checked herself out. At eighteen, Ichigo has grown into quite a lovely young lady. Her body was much curvier and developed, with longer cherry red hair, and she was alot taller than she used to be too. At this age, her Mew Mew powers still existed, and whenever she got excited, scared, or happy, her furry cat ears and tail would pop out like usual. Anyway, Ichigo stared into the mirror as she put on her lipgloss, "Hmm, this color would go great with this eyeliner." she commented as she tied up her hair in two pigtails. She looked in the mirror again and smiled. Perfect, she thought, now all she needs is an outfit for the day. Heading to her dressor, Ichigo opened and looked through the line of clothes. "Too poofy, too short, too long, too flashy..." she murmured as she tossed the clothes aside, "Oh this one is perfect!" she exclaimed as she pulled out a pastel green sundress which was linned in pink, along with a pink sash going across the waist. Pulling it over her, Ichigo put on some light pink open two sandals and lastly, picked up one last accessory.
Her cat collar, the same red ribbon with a gold bell attached, was still in good condition even after five years. Tying it to her neck just like she always did, Ichigo grabbed her purse and headed out the door, "Bye Mama, Bye Papa! See you later!" she called to her parents as she left the house. Since she just graduated from High School, Ichigo still lived with her parents, Shintaro and Sakura, but Ichigo will be attending college in the following year, so for now it was staying with her folks and working at the Cafe Mew Mew for her.
After crossing the streets and reaching the subway trains, Ichigo looked down and checked her watch, 11:35, "GAHH! 11:35? I'm supposed to meet Masaya at 11:30! Curse my Mew Mew ways..." she cursed under her breath, making sure no one in the train heard her little outburst. Once the train reached her destination, Ichigo hurried out and exited the station, looking around for her beloved Aoyama-kun. Low and Behold, there he was, leaning against a lamp-post, holding a gift box. In the past five years, Masaya Aoyama was still as handsome and dashing as before, only looking much more taller and mature than before, "Masaya-chan! Over here!" Ichigo called, making Masaya turn his head to greet her, "Ichigo, there you are, a little late as usual." he said in a teasing tone. Ichigo gave him an annoyed look, but brushed that off immediately when she noticed the brightly colored box he was holding.
"What's in there?" she asked in cat curiousity, but Masaya shook his head at her, "I can't show you yet Ichigo, it's for later." Ichigo pouted, but relented and grabbed a hold of his arm, "Okay then, lets go already!" she chirped to him, looking up and expecting him to smile back. Only, he didn't. Instead, his face looked, blank. It wasn't like Masaya-chan, was he in a bad mood or something? Ichigo couldn't tell, but brushed that off again as she lead him around the town. Store after store they visited, looking at random objects such as clothes, pastries, and even stuffed animals. Not that Ichigo had money to buy them of course, but she loved to just look at them. Once in awhile she would look back at Masaya to see if he would like them too, but again he had that strange blank look. It was out of the ordinary, but Ichigo ignored that for the rest of the date. It looked like he had alot on his mind, but what?
It was sun-down, all the shops were closing and the couple rested on a park bench after a long day of browsing the city, "So Masaya-chan, I had a great time today. What a great way to celebrate the five-year anniversary of our victory!" Ichigo said to him with a laugh. Yet still, when she looked at him, he wasn't even trying to laugh, something was on his mind for sure, but what was it? Why won't he tell her? "Here, open it." he said to her, handing her the gift box. Instinctively, Ichigo tore it open and gasped at what she saw. It was a heart shaped gold locket, with a little strawberry symbol in the middle. Inside it, what she found was a picture of her and Masaya, on each side, "Masaya, this is..this is so beautiful. I don't know what to say..." Ichigo muttered as she tried desperately not to tear up in front of him. "It's so you could...remember me by." Masaya said to her, in a monotone kind of voice.
She turned to him, wanting to thank him, so she leaned in close enough so she could kiss him, only to be stopped by him brushing her off, "Stop it Ichigo, I'm not in the mood." he stated, leaving Ichigo surprised. Why wasn't he not in the mood? What's going on here?, "Look Ichigo, the reason why I brought you here today, wasn't for the five year anniversary, nor was it for a date..." Ichigo looked up at him, waiting for what he was trying to say.
Sighing, Masaya placed both hands on her shoulders, and looked her straight in the eye, "Ichigo...I'm breaking up with you."
At that instant, Ichigo's entire world, shattered into a million pieces.

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