Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kodansha: My Review

If you haven't read the TMM Omnibus Books yet, now would be the time. I have recently just finished reading books 1 and 2, and I was quite impressed. I liked all the graphics and dialouge in the book. There was even a little key in the back that gave the meaning to some Japanese words and phraces in the book. I've never actually seen a TMM book made by the other publisher Tokyo Pop, but I've seen from some reviews that the Kodansha version is better. (You should check out Hika Yagami's reviews. She made Youtube videos about them!) So which do you like better, Kodansha's version of TMM, or Tokyo Pop's version? And would you like to see TMM A La Mode  be re-printed by Kodansha?


  1. I thought a la Mode was gonna be reprinted! If they don't reprint I'm gonna be sooo upset!

  2. So far, I haevn't seen anything that said a La Mode was going to be reprinted. But if I do, you'll be sure to see the release date up on my blog.;)