Monday, May 14, 2012

Fanfic Reveiws?

Hey guys, I think it's time for a new idea for this blog. I've been going to recently, and I've seen some pretty good TMM fanfics on that website. Though it's nothing official, I was wondering if you guys would want to start a weekly story review with me. Here's how it would work:
*Me, (or one of you guys) would pick out a TMM story and we could read a chapter every week.
*We would review that chapter here.
* If for some reason you could not access, I would post the chapter here.
* Once we finished the fanfic, I would start a knew page titiled story archives where I would post the name of the story and the author. (I will not take any credit for a fanfic I didn't write.)
I have one fanfic that I'm really enjoying so far, so I would pick out the first fanfic to read on this blog. So what do you say? Would you like to start?


  1. Oh good, I'm gald you like the idea! :)
    Now I'll just see if anyone else comments...