Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fanfic: Kiss of A Strawberry Chapter 2!

Hey guys! I gave  you a few days to read chapter one, so here's chapter 2! Let's review it!

                                                                Chapter 2
It was a busy day back on the desert planet for one particular alien. The alien in-question was Kisshu, who was overlooking the landscape of his home. For the first time in five years, the planet was flourishing with life and beauty, no longer a barren wasteland but a planetary paradise. And it was all thanks to that small drop of Mew Aqua. Kisshu remembered that day fully; when his former master Deep Blue went mad and was destroyed along with the rest of the Chimera Animals, and then the Mew Mews nearly lost one of their own. Ichigo. Oh how that name still rung through Kisshu's mind to this day. Even after the passing of five years, he still couldn't get her out of his mind. Since he was now nineteen years of age, Kisshu has had plenty of Alien nobles come up to him to ask him to marry one of their daughters. Not that he was interested of course. While those girls may be pretty and all, they could never compare to the beauty of his cherry haired neko-girl, Ichigo Momomiya.
Pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of a guard calling him, Kisshu turned around to face him, "Master Kisshu, Lord Gateau du Rowa would like to have a word with you." Groaning at the sound of that, Kisshu rolled his eyes but politely dismissed the guard. The meetings he had with Gateau never did work out that well. Yes, Gateau was his maternal uncle (he's the twin brother of Shima, Kisshu's late mother), but Kisshu and him still had some animosity towards one another. Which was why after his parents' demise, Kisshu rejected Gateau's offer to stay at his manor, and instead chose to live with Pai and Tart for the time being. This is also the reason why Kisshu never referred to him as his "uncle", but just as his master. Speak of the devil, Kisshu thought as he met face to face with the great Lord Gateau du Rowa, "Ah, my beloved nephew Kisshu has arrived. Come, meet with your uncle." he called while outstretching his arms.
"Stop it my Lord, just tell me why you've called me here." Kisshu demanded in an annoyed tone, making Gateau grunt and sit back down, "Sheesh, such an ill-tempered whelp, alright I'll tell you why you're here. As you and I are both aware, when you, Pai, and Tart returned with the sample of the Mew Aqua, our planet has been flourishing with lush forests, oceans, and more life than it ever has been," he paused for a moment, then got up and turned to the long glass windows on the walls. Peering out to look at the view outside, he continued his speech, "However, a small group of our people have chosen to go and colonize on the planet known as 'earth'. Why they would go and colonize on a simple planet such as that and abandon our beautiful paradise is beyond me, but they've made up their mind already, and for the past three years they've been living quite peacefully. So that brings up why I've called you here today."
Kisshu looked up at Gateau, who turned his head back at him, "Kisshu, my one and only nephew, I have called you to meet with the alien colony on earth for me." At that statement, Kisshu gasped and his eyes widened, "Earth? You mean, you want to send me there?" Gateau merely smirked and nodded his head, "Why of course, after all, your victory of bringing the mew aqua and restoring our planet has made you quite a hero among our people, so it's only natural for me to send you to the planet to meet with them. You may also bring along Pai and Tart if you wish I mean, they did help you after all." Kisshu, for the first time in years, was actually happy with what his uncle was trying to tell him. He, Kisshu, was actually going to return to Earth! To his one and only Ichigo! He turned around and started to head out the door when Gateau called out to him,
"Before you leave Kisshu, I have one more thing to tell you. For once, at least try to behave elegantly when you get there. I mean, I'd hate to see you make a bad impression of my sister-I mean, your mother." For once, Kisshu ignored that snide comment, not like he used to do, because he was just far too excited about actually being able to go back to the planet earth. Two hours later, once he told Pai and Tart about the exciting news, the trio headed off to the colony ships, and from there, started their journey back to earth…
Back on planet Earth, inside of her bedroom, with tearstained cheeks, Ichigo was venting out her pent up rage from the last two days, "GRRAHH! HOW DARE HE? Why…WHY?" Ichigo yelled at the top of her lungs, as she trashed up her room with her cat claws, and looking at her dresser top, saw the numerous pictures that she and Masaya took over the past five years. When they were still…dating. "Bastard…" Ichigo muttered under her breath, "BASTARD!" she screamed as she pounced on the pictures and ripped them all to shreds, scratching out the smiling faces of Masaya as she did so. She considered burning them, but she might get in trouble with her parents, so this was her only option, "Hmpf, I bet if his face was all jacked up he wouldn't be smiling so much." Ichigo proclaimed as she reached for her sharpie marker and began scribbling all over Masaya's image, "Hehehe, how do you like that now bastard? Hehehe…hehehe.". As she continuously defiled Masaya's face, more tears came streaming down like never-ending rivers.
Ichigo had never felt so much heartache before in her life, not even when her teammates almost died in the battle against Deep Blue, or when both she and Masaya were mere inches away from death. It never affected her that much, since they all turned out alright in the end, but this. This was just, too much for Ichigo to bear. At only 18, her heart was crushed by the one guy who was everything she dreamed about. He was perfect, but was she? Ichigo even got around to thinking that…maybe she was to blame for Masaya dumping her. No, No! That can't be, Ichigo never did anything wrong to upset Masaya, and even the times when she was annoying he'd forgive her right off the bat. What she wondered was why, why would he do this to her, after five years of dating?
"Masaya…I hate you." Ichigo began to sob, "I hate you. I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!" now she was really balling, huddled in a fetal position and crying her heart out. Unbeknown to her, a certain shadow was casted outside of her window. Hearing a faint chuckle, Ichigo lifted her head up to look around for the noise. When she looked out the window, all she could do was gasp.
"Good to see you, Ichigo-san."


  1. Typical out of character fanfic along with Aoyama bashing. Let me guess, Quiche makes her feel all better and they get together?
    It's out of continuity too. Gateau du Roi died in the game, so he wouldn't be around during this time XD.

  2. Yes, there is Aoyama bashing. Although, the ending is uncertain yet because PurfectPrincessGirl has not updated her story yet. I picked this out mainly for the IchigoXKish supporters.
    And, you spelled Kisshu like Quiche. I get why you did that though. ;)